From Josh Golin, Associate Director of the Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood, a national advocacy group that aims in part to reduce children’s screen time and insure children time and space for active and creative play, face time with caring adults, and a connection with nature…a perfect match for our book’s message. Here is the review and their web site: http://www.commercialfreechildhood.org

Book Review: The Grammie Guide—Activities and Answer for Grandparents Today This thoughtful book by Lynne Noel, Jan Eby, Laurie Mobilio, and Cindy Summers—grandparents to a combined 22 kids—is an informative guide to grandparenting young children in our modern, screen-saturated world. The authors rightly recognize that grandparents have a special role to play in fostering the hands-on, creative play that children need to thrive.

“The Grammie Guide is never preachy. Instead, the book makes the case for low-tech grandparenting by sharing the latest research on child developement and celebrating the joy of playing with your grandchildren. It’s jam-packed with more than 500 grandparent-friendly, free or low-cost, indoor and outdoor activities for kids 0-5, as well as tips for grandparenting from afar. It includes helpful reminders on ages and stages as well as suggestions and stories from each of the book’s four authors. Highly recommended for any grandparent not ready to cede their grandkids to the iPad just yet.”

It was nearly six years ago, before we published The Grammmie Guide that we met Ellen E.M. Roberts and she became our Editor.  We learned a great deal from her about writing a book and credit much of our success to her guidance.

It seems that our feelings of respect are mutual and we were delighted to see the following article written by her.


“This bighearted guide is here to help Mom become Grandma… In both their advice and the personal stories they share throughout the book, the authors make their enthusiasm for grandmas clear, and it’s positively infectious. An excellent guide, full of friendly advice and inspiration for proud grandmas.”
—Kirkus Reviews
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“Four fabulous Grammies have done everything possible to make your life as a grandmother easy, simple, and most of all, FUN! Just as you wouldn’t travel the world without a map, you shouldn’t embark on a journey to Grammie-Life without The Grammie Guide. Where was this when I needed help with my first grand?…This book satisfies every need and every question. Treat yourself!”
—Sharon Lovejoy, author/illustrator of Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars: Grandma’s Bag of Tricks—130 Wonder-filled Activities and Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots

“The Grammie Guide, based on both time-honored wisdom and recent research, is a widely inclusive guide to making the most of time with young grandchildren. A first time grammie will find great guidance here, and those with experience will find new sources of inspiration. It goes to the heart of what grammies can provide—one of the most special of relationships.”
—Judith A. Murphy, M.D., Stanford University-trained pediatrician

“The Grammie Guide will increase your awareness, playfulness and resourcefulness. While you don’t need a book to love your grandchildren, this one will definitely enrich the time you spend together!”
—Rahima Baldwin Dancy, early childhood educator and author of You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

“SO excited to meet our new grand daughter to debut in late June!! Our only daughter’s first so I would say your book’s release was divine timing!”
—Phyllis Harris, Award-winning children’s book illustrator

“Reading all of these wonderful ideas makes me look forward to being a great-grandmother someday.”
—Betty Peck, Ed.D., author and revered kindergarten teacher for over 50 years

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