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Lynne Noel, Jan Eby, Laurie Mobilio, Cindy Summers











The inner child is alive and well in Jan Eby. As an elementary school teacher and mother of two, early childhood/parent educator and now as a grandmother of five, she has touched the hearts of countless children through fun and discovery. Outdoor exploration, dramatic arts through story telling, songs and puppet shows are among her favorite ways to interact with children.

“My experiences as a pre-school teacher for over thirty-five years have been the perfect training for grammyhood and for writing this book,” claims Jan. Frequent requests by grandmother friends to “teach me that song” or “show me that fingerplay” led to the realization that these tips needed to be gathered in one place. Thus began her work with the Grammie team to produce The Grammie Guide.


Laurie brings to the Grammie team her more than twenty years experience in business. While raising her children, she launched her own word processing and editing company. She later helped establish an outsourcing service for corporate learning and development where she still works today. Laurie knows what it takes to bring a project from concept to fruition.

Her five grandchildren see another side of Laurie. They call her Boppy, a whimsical name that reflects her willingness to engage in active play and create games out of thin air. Inspired by her world-wide travels, Laurie can turn an everyday hike with her grandchildren into an ascent of Mt. Kenya or a search for fence lizards into an African safari.


Lynne taught elementary school both in New York and Pennsylvania prior to having her own two children.  After a move west, she worked with families for almost 30 years as an award-winning director and teacher at a parent participation nursery school in Sunnyvale, California. Paraphrasing Mark Twain, Lynne claims, “I never met a preschooler I didn’t like!” According to her, sharing in a child’s formative years is not only a privilege, but also one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences life offers.

When not traveling, Lynne and her husband savor time spent with their six grandchildren. Never far from the classroom, she volunteers weekly at her grandsons’ elementary school. Lynne is eager to share the many ideas in this book with Grammies everywhere and looks forward to learning new ones from them in exchange.


Cindy’s natural love of children inspired her, even as a teenager, to organize weekly summer camps for the preschoolers in her neighborhood. She chose teaching as her profession and developed and implemented a cutting-edge program for mainstreaming mentally handicapped school-aged children into the public school system.

While raising her family, Cindy continued to support children: in the schools, in the community, and through charitable organizations. Her leadership and organizational skills have been recognized by the Junior League and by the Ronald McDonald House where she serves on the Board.

Continuing to be busy with her job, voluntarism and family responsibilities, Cindy always finds time for her six young grandchildren. It is with them that she finds her greatest joy.

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